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Bar is located in the southeast part of Montenegro, on the Adriatic sea. Bar is an ancient city, only twenty minutes far from Ulcinj. The climate is determined by closeness two large water surfaces (Adriatic Sea and Skadar Lake) and the mountain of Rumija.

Tourism is the most interesting in Old Bar, situated under the mountain Rumija at the cliff inaccessible from three sides. It seems that the inaccessibility and spring of drinking water are the reasons why the Old Bar is unlike the  other coastal towns, built 5 km away from the coast.

Local attractions in Bar are: the Ancient Bar is the largest urban agglomerations in the ruins in Montenegro, the holder of a turbulent history, then fortress Haj-Nehaj, Sahat kula (Clock Tower), The aqueduct built during Turkish for the needs of bringing water from a distant spring, the old olive tree at Mirovica, very important natural monument protected by the law since 1963, is over 2000 years old and is the oldest in Europe.

The most interesting Festivals are: "International TV Festival" which takes place in November and is a review of tv programs. "Bar Chronicle" takes place during July and August, and it is a festival of various multimedia contents such as theater performances, art exhibitions, literary evenings, concerts... "Mediterranean Book Fair" is part of the festival as an illustration of the first, Slavic scripture "Barski rodoslov".
"Meetings Under The Old Olive Tree" is a traditional event in November devoted to children's creations, which represents their literary works. The other events are: "Festival of wine and bleak," in Virpazar, in December, in honor of the Skadar Lake, then "Olives" in early December in Old Town of Bar, festival of the products  from the area of Bar.

Although, compared with other coastal town, there is no monuments that were built like palaces in Risan, Kotor, summer houses in Tivat, Citadel fortress in Budva or Kanli Kula in Herceg Novi; Bar, however, can be proud with a great number of religious monuments that testify  that for centuries, in this small area in peace and harmony lived three religions: Orthodox, Catholic and Muslim.

Bar coast stretches from cape of Stolac and lagoons Canj, over Spich, Sutomore, Susanj, Bar bay and Veliki pijesak to the Busat and lagoon Petovic.  Along the coast there are some smaller and bigger beaches from Canj to Utjeha which are mostly covered by sand. 

From Petrovac we first arrive in Canj, where is Biserna obala (Pearl coast) 1,100 meters long and an area of ​​about 55,000 m2, covered with the finest sand of various colors after which it got its name.

Between Canj and Sutomore is Maljevik, sandy beach, 300 meters long long, with a brimmed by evergreen forests.

Sutomore beach is 1,200 meters long, an area of ​​about 56,000 m2. At very entrance to Bar there is sandy beach Zukotrlica 1,200 meters long. The town beach is located in front of the Palace of King Nikola and hotel "Princess" and it is 750 meters long.

In the cliff Volujica hill there is Red rock beach, which is only accessible from the sea. It is 50 meters long. Veliki Pijesak beach is the largest and most visited Beach between Bar and Ulcinj. It is 380 meters long and there is the street with many restaurants and bars, and nightclubs that are, during the  season epicenter of nightlife inhabitants of Bar and their guests.

Between Bar and Ulcinj there is Utjeha-Val olives. In this pebbly, 200 meters long bay, there is a beach Utjeha.                                                                                                                                                                                           

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