Becici is a place in township of Budva. Becici beach is 2 km long, and it is one of the most beautiful beaches at Montenegrin coast and southern Adriatic. The beach is sandy on land and in the sea. There are hotel complexes and many restaurants which offer a rich menu of all international cuisine, cafes, pastry shops, sports facilities, aqua ski lift for waterskiing, water slides, swimming pools, beautiful places for rest in the parks.

With 220 sunny days a year and mild Mediterranean climate it offers ideal conditions for vacation.

Becici beach is the largest and the most beautiful natural beach in Europe.
Kamenovo Beach is located under the highway Budva - Petrovac. It is about 700 meters long and lies between Becici and Przno.          
Kraljicina plaza (The Queen beach) is next to Milocer beach and 500 m far  from  Sveti Stefan, and it is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean. This is a small beach 200 meters long, with cypress and olive trees in the background.

Milocer beach is next to the Queen's beach,  it’s 280 meters long and is surrounded by parks with flowers and exotic trees: Lebanese cedars, tropical mimosas, Japanese medlars, cactuses, agaves, cork trees and other trees.

Drobni pijesak beach is in the bay, about 250 m long. With its yellow-white colored sand it is an  authentic  tropic beach. On the beach there are a source of fresh water and some  restaurants.

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