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The Budva Riviera  is 25 km long  and it  occupies the central part of Montenegrin coast. Special charm to Riviera give settlements, hamlets, villages, such as: Becici, Rafailovici, Przno ,Milocer, Sveti Stefan, Petrovac...

Budva is related to an active vacation during the summer months and is the most visited town on  the Montenegrin coast.

Budva is tourist and cultural centre  because of its extremely valuable historical past, and  the constant influence and mixture of various cultures from the land and sea (Hellenes, Venetians, French, Austro-Hungarians). You can see a  great  number of cultural and historical monuments, which testify about its  turbulent history. The old city was surrounded by walls that exist from the the ninth century. The most famous cultural and historical monuments are the Church of of St. John the Baptist, built in the seventh century, the church Maria "In Punta" in 840 AD, the Church of the Holy Trinity from 1804. St. John is church is the oldest church in  Budva. The old church of St. Mary "on the Cape" is located in the part of the city walls, the most distant part of the sea, after which it got its name.      

The Old Town Budva is the only cultural heritage in this area which is, by Republic  Institute  for Conservation Cultural Heritage, classified as the first category monument of exceptional  importance.
Old Town is located in the central part of the Montenegrin coast, on a peninsula, surrounded by walls and towers, gates and fortresses. The present appearance of the walls dates from the Middle Ages, as well as appearance the city fortress, which is part of fortification system. The town was originally entered through four doors, divided by antique system to all four sides. Later, east and south gates were bricked up, so nowadays in use are the west gate, facing the mainland and north, facing the sea. Inside the walls the mediaeval structure of narrow streets, no big squares and little market places is saved. 

Two most famous festivals held in Budva are theatrical "City Theatre Budva" and music festival "Song of the Mediterranean." "City Theatre Budva" is a perennial and respected international festival of theater, music, literary and visual arts that is organized every summer into the open scenes from 1 July to 20 August. "Song of the Mediterranean" is a domestic music festival that takes place every year at the end of June under the ancient walls of Budva. Every year festival promotes Mediterranean melodies, offering dozens of new hits and songs which become very popular. Three days long music event gives a chanse to young people -not only popular and famous.

By the quality of hotel accommodation on Budva Riviera we can emphasize five-star hotel "Splendid" in Becici, and four-star hotels: "Mediterranean", "Queen of Montenegro", "Iberostar", "Avala", "Blue star".

Budva Riviera Coast covers an area of 38 km with many bays, lagoons, sandy beaches, headlands and small islands. The most beautiful beaches are : Jaz, Mogren and  Slovenska plaza.
The Jaz beach is one of the top three beaches at Montenegrin seaside. It's 1200 m long and  2.5 km far away from Budva. The Jaz beach is pebbly on the shore and in the sea.
Mogren Beach is in the Mogren bay and there are  two long beaches about 350 meters which are connected by a small passage in the rock. It is close to the old town of Budva. It is a natural sandy beach with beach bar, the diving club and other facilities.
Slovenska plaza is between city port and "Park" hotel. It is about 1600 m long. The beach is pebbly, on the coast and in the sea.  

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