Place Canj got its name after the ancient tribe Chani, whose bronze axes were found in this locality. Canj is located between Bar and Budva, precisely between Sutomore and Petrovac. It is 13 km away from Bar. Canj is a tourist resort situated in an isolated bay with hotel complexes and weekend houses and beautiful pebbly beach 1,300 m long. Because of its beauty, the beach is named "Biserna obala."

Extraordinary location of Canj, a micro entity where the winds known as the "rose of the winds" help in treatment of bronchial diseases and also makes it unique place on the Montenegrin coast.

The beach Canj has a length of 1,300 meters and the area of​ 55,000 m2. It is covered with a thick layer of fine and colorful sand.

Nearby is the Queen's beach, accessible only from the sea and it is one the most beautiful on the Montenegrin coast Because of the environment, fine sand and crystal-clear sea it is very popular among tourists.

Utjeha is located in the most southern part of the Bar Riviera. "Utjeha" got  its name after a pub, which is one of the oldest in the area. The beach is 200 meters long and because of ecological values this beach is the carrier of the "Blue Flag".

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