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Risan is a town in Boka kotorska Bay. Risan is the oldest urban center in the inner part of Boka Kotorska. Legend says that during the invasion of the Romans in 228. the  Ilyrian Queen hid here , but unable to resist them, she threw herself into the sea.
The town  was the capital of the Illyrian state in the third century BC, in time of Queen Teuta.

The original town Risan was located in the northern part of the Carina field below Gradina, while the Roman  town expanded towards the sea on the right bank of of the river Špilja. It is assumed that most of the city disappeared in a catastrophic earthquake at the end of the seventh or beginning of the eighth century , sinking into the sea.

Mosaics of Risan cover the floor of the remains classic Roman villa from the 2nd century AD and contain geometric and plant motives, as well as an extremely rare scene of ancient God Hypnos, the god blissfully sleeping in his bed. Connoisseurs claim that this is the only one mosaic figure of dream deity in the world. Roman mosaics in Risan are open for visitors with tour guide service in many languages ​​.. At the service counters can be found promotional materials, such as maps of Perast, Risan, Kotor's Old Town and souvenirs.

Arhaelogical remains talk about luxurious palaces, walls and squares of the city. Particularly interesting are uncovered remains of the villa near the road Risan - Niksic from the second century AD, whose four of five rooms are decorated by mosaics. One of them is the figure of Hypnos, in a lying position, the only preserved image of God in a mosaic.                                                                                                                       

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