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The settlement Savina is located in a quiet part of the town Herceg Novi. According to legend, which were told the locals of Lustica peninsula, Saint Sava, seen one small place from the highest peak. Saint Sava watched and wondered how there is no life. It used to be a place where people lived and where was life but it appeared the soothsayers who poisoned all sources. Saint Sava was reopened clean water, which is named in his honor Savina water. The entire area with water was named Savina, just after the saint.

In the lush Mediterranean vegetation located Savina monastery complex, most important historical monument of Herceg Novi. The monastery complex can not be considered only a sacred place, but it is an important cultural and historical monument that testifies to the time past, present and future, is testament to the belief, culture, and tradition of the people in this region. One of the best examples of baroque architecture in the Adriatic. It consists of three churches, two (large and small) dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin, the refectory, treasury, on the north side of the courtyard, and the church of St. Save, isolated on a nearby hill.

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