Sveti Stefan is a town on a rocky peninsula and it is now an exclusive tourist resort. In the 15th century, the island was a fishing village. Sveti Stefan is connected to the mainland by a sandy path that is formed by the influence of waves and sedimentation of sand and gravel.

There are three sacral monuments. Church of St. Stefan, from the XV century, after which the town got its name, is the oldest and is set on the most prominent ridge of the island. Church of St. Alexander Nevsky l dates from the XIX century and has revived portal with profiles, rosette and bell tower. Church of the Assumption is at the very entrance to the city. It is small and once with building next to it formed monastery complex.

Sveti Stefan is the most luxurious resort in Montenegro. Today St. Stephen is renovated and managed by respectable hotel group Aman Resorts.                                                                                   

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