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Tivat is located in the central part of the Bay of Kotor. Its tourist, cultural, sports facilities may satisfy the requirements of many guests. Tivat is the sunniest city in Boka Kotorska.

As a town, Tivat began to develop during the late XIX century  when military seaport Arsenal  was founded. 
Tivat has much to offer in a cultural tourism, theater, gallery, summer stage. "Buca", renaissance mansion is located in the center of Tivat. It consists of five buildings: homes, houses and a church-chapel dedicated to St. Michael, and a porch-entry Kapito for multi-purposes. Today revitalized monument has a contemporary purpose. Residential building is changed into a gallery space, and the garden in the summer stage. Exhibitions, literary readings, concerts, etc are organized in it, all within  the Cultural Center of Tivat which also has cinema - hall for theater performances.                                                           

There are a lot of interesting and attractive landmarks in Tivat. Ostrvo cvijeca (Flower island), with its sacred monuments, beautiful sandy beach - Plavi horizonti and the island  St. Nikola. There is a natural marina Kalimanj in the town. Tivat is the only one town at the seaside with an airport. Tivat Airport is 2.5 km away from the city center.                                                                                                                                            

On the peninsula Prevlaka there are the remains of the monastery of St. Archangel Mihailo, which marked one of the most important phases in the life of this area. In this place originally was a Benedictine monastery. The Venetians destroyed the monastery in 1452. year. There are still remains of this monastery. Near the church, on the east side there is Church of St. Trojica built by the Countess Ekaterina Vlasteleinovic in the XIX century. This is one of the most important natural and cultural - historical entity.                                                                                                                                                                   

The island Gospa od Milosti is between the coast Krtoli and the island of St.Marko. A half of the island, about 200m, occupies the monastery complex dedicated to the Mother of God - Our Lady of Mercy (Gospi od Milosrdja). It is unknown when the earliest church was built. From the memorial fund, Wooden statue of the Virgin - Blessed Lady of Grace, that is celebrated as a miracle (Gospa od Milosrdja) is valuable. There are some other churches to see: Church of  St. Luka, St.Gospodje (in Radovici), St. Petar (in the hill Gradac), St.Antun (in Kaliman) St.Rokan (in Donja Lastva), St.Sava (in the center of the city).

Tivat summer festival is the most important cultural event in Tivat, which takes place during the summer months (from the beginning of July to the middle or the end of August). Tivat Cultural Summer is especially interesting in recent years, because during the festival, visitors, among a large number of domestic and foreign tourists can see a very good theater plays and performances, with the great number produced  by the Cultural Center Tivat, the  organizer of the event. The largest number of these performances takes place on the summer stage of Tivat, located in Summerhouse  "Buca".  

"Youth Day" is a celebration that has been revived a few years ago and takes place on the 25th of May. This date, in history of the former Yugoslavia, was known as The Youth Day. This day was celebrated as a birthday of former Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito. On 25th of May Tivat assembles more than 5,000 people, including many young people, children and the old-mostly Yugonostalgic.                                                   

Along the Tivat Riviera there are beaches:
The Kalardovo Beach is 250m long sandy beach. The beach is fully equipped. It has a restaurant, basketball court, volleyball water  court, showers, changing rooms, toilets, free parking.

Ostrvo cvijeca (Flower island) is 2 km away from Tivat airport and 4 km from the center of Tivat. Along the whole island there are walking paths leading to the small beaches The island is rich in various historic monuments.
Seljanovo Beach is a sandy beach - or headland that ends by lighthouse.
Plavi Horizonti (Blue Horizont) is located in the bay Przno, considered one of the most beautiful in this part of the peninsula Lustice, as well at Montenegrin seaside.                                                                                            Opatovo Beach is on the way Lepetani-Tivat. The sandy beach is approximately 220 meters long. Close to the beach there is an open bar.
Along the coast from Donja Lastva to Seljanovo there are several small beaches. Krasici, a settlement and beach, is on the road from Tivat to (Blue Horizont) Plavi Horizonti. The road to the beach is marked so you can easily reach the beach. The beach is of concrete, and the sea is very pure.
Beach Oblatno is about 150m long. The water is crystal clear and the bottom is sandy. There is a bar on the  beach, a volleyball water court and bowls.

A new marina Porto Montenegro makes Tivat one of the most  attractive destinations in the world.

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