Ulcinj is situated in the far south of the Adriatic coast.It is characteristed by having the largest number of sunny days in the Adriatic. Ulcinj is one of the most ancient cities on the Adriatic coast. Ulcinj is due to its favorable climate known as a summer and winter resort. The average annual temperature is 16.5 C.

Ancient city is the cultural mosques in Ulcinj, and historical core of Ulcinj and one of the most ancient architectural  and urban places at the Adriatic.

Ottoman rule at  the Montenegrin coast modified culture, life and, creativity in this area. Culture was challenged by Turkish conquerors. Many churches mosques in Ulcinj, and monasteries that were the features of the previous times were destroyed, damaged or turned into the mosques. The remains of Ottoman rule can be seen in the city area and are reflected in the mosques, there are 25 mosques in Ulcinj, and 3 ruined.
Beside mosque you can see Catholic and Orthodox churches in town.  

The traces of long and stormy history of Ulcinj are visible through the Cyclops walls of the old city. Through the centuries, many conquerors  brought  their own costums. Different civilizations and cultures were eventually blended together into one entity. Although the city was built on naturally protected steep rock cliffs, it is surrounded from all sides by impressive walls with towers and gates. It consists of two parts, the Upper Town - the Citadel and the lower town which is a civil settlement. Streets are narrow, with small squares, that is characteristic of most coastal towns.

"Ulcinj Night" is funny and tourist manifestation aimed at the promotion tourist offer of Ulcinj and its surroundings. This is one day event and usually takes place in July or August. With appropriate music and entertaining program and feast until dawn, people from Ulcinj and their guests in the "Ulcinj night" with plenty of variety of meat, fish and wine at the promenade and sandy beach below the Old Town, have fun until early morning hours. "Fishermen Night" is a tourist, cultural and fun event  which is mainly performed on Ulcinj beach below the promenade. Like many coastal festivals which are characteristic for cities on the Montenegrin coast "Fishermen night" gathers thousands of visitors, tourists and guests.

Nowdays, Ulcinj is known by the Old town and 33 km long coast, of which 18 km are beautiful beaches. Town with the longest sandy beach, islands Ada Bojana and Valdanos, have been identified as a potential for tourist economy of Montenegro. Tourism is the main economic sector of Ulcinj, but the fact is that tourism like in other cities of the Montenegrin coast is represented only during the summer season.

Beautiful sandy beaches are the signs of recognition and symbols of the town  Ulcinj.
Great beach (Velika plaza) is located in the most southern part of Montenegro, 4 km from Ulcinj. Great beach, 12 km long is stretching to Albania. The beach can accommodate 150.000 swimmers. Great beach in Ulcinj is a favorite beach among tourists. At the southern end of the beach there is Ada Bojana, a triangular island with nice beaches, where the Bojana River meets the Adriatic Sea. This island is a favorite destination for surfing with the dragon and windsurfing and there is a great nude beach. The specificity of this attractive beach is the location itself, so the island is triangular, with two sides by the river Bojana, and the third side by  sea, so tourists can swim  in salt and fresh water.

For Ada Bojana says that it's a place that draws negative thoughts, because here is unusually silent. This silence calms and returns the enthusiasm, will, the vital energy and strength for new endeavors.

Small beach (Mala plaza) or town beach is very interesting to numerous swimmers. The beach is 376 m long. Small beach is located in one of the most beautiful coves of Ulcinj, between the peninsula Ratislava and the fortress in old town.

Great and Small beach (Velika i Mala plaza) as well as Ada Bojana, are extremely suitable for children because of shallow sea with a sandy bottom, which allows carefree swimming and sunbathing and playing on the long sandy beach.

Valdanos is very unusual and interesting place, with a 800 meter long, pebbly beach. Right away to Valdanos there are two, for tourists interesting  beaches: Old Ulcinj and the beach Kruce. Beach Old Ulcinj is 250 m long with a capacity of 1 000 swimmers. Kruce sandy beach is 600 m long, and its capacity is 1 200 swimmers.

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