Web portal welcome2montenegro.com is the result of our professional team and many years  dealing with marketing and internet technology in the Balkans and a good part of Europe. Due to the lack of a real and serious tourist web portal for Montenegro, our expert team made of experts in their own areas of their businesses (marketing, web design, programming, tourism, catering), made this portal in order to represent Montenegro in the best bright.

On the portal welcome2montenegro.com you can find the largest base of hotels, apartments, restaurants, ethno villages and the auto camps in Montenegro.

In addition to the tourist offer you can read about the most current happenings in Montenegro in the field of tourism, with a photo gallery, interactive location map,see and read the comments of people who were already there.

All services and services to all visitors of the portal welcome2montenegro.com are free and there are to provide information to tourists and visitors.

The entire content of the website is free in our database and on the tourist offer of Montenegro.

Our team is actively working to increase the offer in the new applicative systems and improving the entire site.

We are available for all aspects of cooperation.


W2M Team

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