Part 1: About the portal

Portal welcome2montenegro is posted on the network from well-meaning reasons.Every visitor is welcome to use all the facilities and parts of the portal if he understands and does not violate the rules defined in the rules of use. All content contained on the website and all its parts has been published in good faith and is allowed to use for people of all ages.

The entire contents of the portal welcome2montenegro is made up of content in their own property, content of partners and advertisers, content posted by users /visitors, free content and links to external sites. Portal welcome2montenegro is not responsible for the use of all content that is available on all parts of the portal and on the portal. Also, the portal disclaims responsibility for any potential damage that could occur from the use thereof.


Part 2: About Copyrights

All own content which includes text, image, audio and visual materials, databases and programming code, and which is located on the portal welcome2montenegro and all its parts is subject of copyright law and portal holds copyright on the same. Any unauthorized use of the the portal and its entire content is considered copyright infringement and is subject to legal action. Also, copyright infringement is considered and any unauthorized use of the portal and its entire contents without the prior agreement of the owner of copyright and subject to legal action.

In a situation where a person considers that the content published on the portal welcome2montenegro undermines copyrights defined in copyright law that the case will also be taken into consideration and if they prove the truth content of the submitted complaint all the facilities that are identified as controversial will be removed from the site.


Part 3: The protection of user data

All data received from user during the use of portal welcome2montenegro are used in good faith and will not be available to third parties except in the special case of user's permission. Portal welcome2montenegro collects information from users during use and during the registration process on the portal. All collected data is used for good purposes and for the sake of improving the quality of portal welcome2montenegro and adapting content to the visitors.

In accordance with the Law on Data Protection, the portal collects information from users, and that includes data about your computer and internet service provider data while the data portal that collected during the registration process includes data such as e-mail addresses, names and others.


Portal welcome2montenegro is obligated to the extent possible the privacy of its users so that all personal information collected will not in any way shared with third parties unless the individual's consent and unless the data collected on demographic characteristics of the users.

Portal welcome2montenegro is under no obligation to keep private data of users only in the case of serious violations of rules of conduct of portal as in the case of any illegal acts of users.


Part 4: Comments on the site

Portal welcome2montenegro allows all its visitors and users to leave comments on the contents page, and welcome2montenegro is not responsible for the contents of written comments from visitors and users of the portal.


Part 5: Photographs and information on the portal

Portal welcome2montenegro does not bear responsibilities that may arise as a result of copyright infringement on the photos or false representation caused by the lack of the system to control the authenticity of the author of photo.

Portal welcome2montenegro set photos of hotels and locations from the best intentions and is not responsible because of breach of copyright. If the user notices any kind of a breach of copyright or false representation is able to report on admin@welcome2montenegro.com in order to control the mistake if it was made.

Also portal welcome2montenegro  does not guarantee the completely accuracy of the phone numbers and other data, because error may occur while entering or changes of data.
The owners and responsible persons of hotels and apartments, shall occur caused changes in order to correct the mistake.


Part 6: About an external content

All links that are part of portal content welcome2montenegro that address to external sites have been placed on the portal of the best intentions and the portal is not responsible for the content stored on them.


Part 7: About changes of The Terms of use

Portal  welcome2montenegro own right, that if there was a need, change The Terms of use. If there is a significant change of use the rules, portal has the ability to notify their customers about the same through the press or by sending an e-mail to the addresses of users. It is understood that if the user uses the portal is also introduced with the Terms of use and  all the new changes of it.


Last update at: May 2012.

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